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B Cup silicone sleeveless breast shape

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Size: B
Color: Ivory, Natural, Bronze
Material: Silk cotton filling, silicone filling
Introduction: This high-collared short fake breasts meets people's basic cross-dressing needs, and the high collar makes it more concealable. Two filling versions can be customized: shake (silicone gel filled) and lightweight (silk cotton filled). Choose the appropriate size according to your needs.

Available in three colors, choose the one that suits you according to your skin tone.

The materials are: silk cotton filling and silicone filling. The silk cotton filling is lighter and suitable for long-term wear without fatigue; the silicone filling feels more realistic and achieves better results.

Five size models are available to choose from, experience the real feeling of different sizes.

Applying a layer of talcum powder before wearing will make it easier to wear. You can follow the steps to wear it.

About our product production process

It is made through more than a dozen handicrafts, and is carefully checked and inspected strictly to create high-quality products that satisfy customers.

Source manufacturer, factory direct delivery. The production links are checked step by step and undergo strict verification to create the highest quality products.

【Information Protection】: In order to protect your personal information and purchase information, we use special packaging and will never leak your information. Please feel free to buy.

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