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D Cup Bodysuit With Arms

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Product Description

Name: D Cup bodysuit
Material: Silicone
Filling: Silicone/Cotton
Elasticity: High elastic stretch
Usage: Suitable for cross-dressing in a variety of occasions. The one-piece style is more concealed and real. It adopts one-piece technology and leaves no trace from the neck to the feet, giving you a girl-like experience.


The body of silicone tights is as thin as a coin, does not feel heavy, and is full of elasticity.

Product detailed dimensions

With delicate collarbones, low-cut clothes will not look out of place and add a touch of charm.

Using a urinary catheter, it can be inserted.

Suitable for various occasions, masquerades, parties, live broadcasts, etc., to experience the happiness of real girls.

Edible silicone, safe ingredients can be used with confidence.

Full Body Display

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