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Enlarged buttocks and crotch

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Our product introduction

This boxer briefs can enlarge the buttocks and crotch, and can effectively increase the curve and fullness of the buttocks, making the buttocks look fuller, perky and more attractive.

Reason for choosing us?

  • Natural and realistic: Silicone butt augmentation pants are made of high-quality silicone material, with a realistic texture, touch and appearance similar to real buttocks, making the wearer's buttocks look more natural.
  • Comfortable fit: The silicone hip augmentation pants are reasonably designed and fit comfortably to the body curve without causing discomfort or strangulation. They are very comfortable to wear.

Product features

  • Easy to put on and take off: Silicone butt augmentation pants usually have an easy to put on and take off design, making it convenient for users to put on or take off when needed.
  • Can be reused: Silicone butt augmentation pants are generally durable, can be reused, and with the correct use and cleaning methods, can maintain their shape and quality for a long time.

About color and size

The colors of our products are available in 3 regular colors: ivory white, natural color and bronze, and the sizes are standard sizes. If you need other colors or larger sizes, you can contact us for private customization. Your customization is welcome.

By increasing the fullness and curves of the buttocks, silicone butt augmentation pants can help wearers enhance their self-confidence and better show their charm and confidence.

【Information Protection】: In order to protect your personal information and purchase information, we use special packaging and will never leak your information. Please feel free to buy.

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