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In the past 2 years, we have expanded our factory with warehouses all over the world. We are focused on providing cross-dressers, drag queens, trans women, and non-binary people with the highest quality breast shapes, the largest selection, and realistic looks, with each product undergoing rigorous craftsmanship and rigorous inspection. . Giving you the best products, less shipping and time, and the best customer service. We offer a full line of cross-dressing products, including breast augmentation, breast augmentation and natural silicone breasts, as well as cross-dressing cosmetics, accessories and wigs.

This is our factory streamline. We have dedicated personnel and specialized tools for product mold modification, product coloring, product trimming, etc. Each process undergoes strict inspection and testing to ensure that the product meets specifications and standards. Finally, the product is packaged, usually using cartons, bubble wrap and plastic film, and then labeled.

Our vision
KUICE is the most inspiring and affordable store that offers the best service and is completely tailored to the wishes and needs of its customers. Maximum customer satisfaction is our goal.
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Our business philosophy is based on 5 core values, so you always know what to expect from KUICE.
Always committed to being 100% customer oriented
Reliable: always providing the best service, quality and guarantee to contribute to the growth of any family
Always available, accessible 24/7
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