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C Cup silicone breast shape (with arms)

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Weight: 50kg
Thickness: Thin
Size: C
Color: Lvory/Natural/Bronze

A new experience of traveling in disguise, you can choose whether to go bigger or smaller.

Suitable for many occasions and can be used by both men and women. Experience a different feeling.

It meets all your needs, the camouflage is more natural, the lines are smooth and the bones are three-dimensional, making everyone envious.

The edge is as thin as a coin, giving you the enjoyment of the material; it has high elastic stretch, so you don't have to worry about repeated pulling.

We use imported silicone for a softer fit; lightweight and soft silk floss for long-term wear.

About our product production process

It is made through more than a dozen handicrafts, and is carefully checked and inspected strictly to create high-quality products that satisfy customers.

【Information Protection: In order to protect your personal information and purchase information, we use special packaging and will never leak your information. Please feel free to buy.

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