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E Cup halterneck backless bust (with Velcro)

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Color classification: Lvory White\Natural Color\Bronze
Material: Silicone Filling\Cotton Filling
Style number: Upgraded summer cool style
Thickness: Thin section

These breast forms are made of top-quality silicone material. It's highly stretchable, and identical in appearance to real skin. As for the fillings, two options are available. The elastic cotton is light in weight, allowing for longer periods of use while providing realistic stuffing. The silicone gel, on the other hand, is heavier, but much more realistic as it responds to gravity as real breasts would.

Compared with the ordinary model, this upgraded cooling model is more comfortable to wear. 


Velcro veneer design, strong adhesion, good durability, soft and comfortable, does not hurt the skin, and reduces tearing by 70%.

About our product production process

It is made through more than a dozen handicrafts, and is carefully checked and inspected strictly to create high-quality products that satisfy customers.

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