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C Cup Half Suit

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The new one-piece silicone breaks the conventional one-piece specification and is more convenient to wear. No need to wear one on the upper body and one on the lower body, this will solve the problem. Sleeveless design will not show when wearing sleeveless tops in summer.

Silicone is made of materials that meet food safety standards, which is safer and will not cause harm to human health. And the appearance design and shape simulation are high, which can achieve natural breast shape and appearance, making people feel more natural. It can fit the body curve very well, making it blend with the body and not easily noticeable. It is soft and comfortable and has strong pull. As long as it does not touch sharp objects, the product will not tear or tear.

Product Filling

  • Silicone Filling: A food-grade silicone filling, safe and reliable. Silicone fillers are soft, elastic and natural to the touch, simulating the feel of real breasts and making the filled area look more natural.
  • Cotton Filling: High elastic cotton filling, which has high elasticity and is not easy to deform or collapse. It is lighter and more convenient to wear, and suitable for long-term wear.

This one-piece set adds a real urinary catheter to give users a more realistic and realistic experience. The use of a real urinary catheter design allows users to truly simulate the natural urination process, increasing the practicality and convenience of the product.This innovative design and technology makes silicone one-piece prosthetic breasts closer to real breasts in appearance and function, providing users with a more realistic and natural experience.

V-shaped silhouette: The shoulders are wider and the waist is relatively narrow, forming an obvious V-shaped silhouette.
Since the width of the shoulders is greater than the width of the waist, the overall body shape is in the shape of an inverted triangle. The waist is relatively narrow, forming a distinct curve. Gives a sense of strength and stability.

Show Details

Breasts: The breasts are plump and upright. Whether they are filled with silicone or cotton, they will not collapse easily and are 100% realistic.
Clavicle: High-neck silicone fake breasts, the clavicle highlights the details, and the exquisite clavicle shape presents slender and graceful lines, making it more attractive.
Navel: Using a real navel design, the navel area of the silicone prosthetic breasts looks more realistic and natural, just like a real navel.
Back: The waist width is relatively narrow, forming a clear V-shaped profile and creating a charming back.
Elasticity: The high-strength rebound force allows silicone prosthetic breasts to closely fit the body curves, giving a comfortable fit and giving people greater freedom and comfort.
Edges: The edges of silicone breast prostheses gradually become thinner, allowing them to better blend into the edges of natural breasts and achieve a smoother and seamless transition, reducing the visibility of the edges and making the overall effect more natural and realistic. Through the design of gradually thinning edges, silicone prosthetic breasts can better integrate with real breasts, giving users a more natural and comfortable wearing experience.

Silicone breast implants can increase breast volume and fullness, improve breast shape, and make breasts more even and natural. It has many uses and is a good choice for daily wear, live streaming, role-playing and other entertainment activities.

Three Styles To Choose From

Basic Model: simulated appearance, cannot be inserted.
Insertable: Based on the simulated appearance, a urinary catheter is added to simulate the real experience.
Hair Implant: The third upgraded model not only contains a urinary catheter, but also has hair implanted around the skin, making it 100% realistic in appearance.

Product Measurement: Because it is manual measurement, there will be an error of 1-3 cm. Please refer to the actual product received.

Before wearing, apply talcum powder on your body and product to make it easier to wear. Please follow the instructions below to put it on. If necessary, you can ask family or friends to help you complete it together.

About Our Product Production Process

It is made through more than a dozen handicrafts, and is carefully checked and inspected strictly to create high-quality products that satisfy customers.

Source manufacturer, factory direct delivery. The production links are checked step by step and undergo strict verification to create the highest quality products.

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