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Regular B Cup fake breasts

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Product Details

Different angle shapes

The breast shape is upright, round and full, improving the shape of the breast.

Product information

Regular Color: Lvory/Natural/Bronze.
Model: B/C/D/E/G
Material: Silicone filling/Cotton filling
(If necessary, you can contact customer service to customize the color or model.)

Product filler

Silicone filling: Using food-grade silicone, it is safer and more reliable to wear. The product looks more realistic in appearance, soft to the touch and fits the skin, and the effect is more realistic.

Cotton filling: Made of high-elastic cotton, the overall weight is lighter and more convenient to wear. It is suitable for wearing for long periods of time when going out. It has a different feel than silicone, but the overall effect is okay.

Product Usage

It is used for daily wear, live streaming, and participation in various social activities. The product has a wide range of applications and can be used by both men and women.

About our product production process

It is made through more than a dozen handicrafts, and is carefully checked and inspected strictly to create high-quality products that satisfy customers.

Source manufacturer, factory direct delivery. The production links are checked step by step and undergo strict verification to create the highest quality products.

【Information Protection】: In order to protect your personal information and purchase information, we use special packaging and will never leak your information. Please feel free to buy.

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